Wednesday, April 23, 2014

92. Drupal 8 , Changelog.txt - What's new in Drupal 8

Drupal 8.0, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
- Added Twig as the default template engine and converted all .tpl.php templates
  to .html.twig.
- Added tour module. Provides highly contextual tips for UI elements.
- Improved entity system.
    * Added support for saving and deleting entities through the controller.
    * Entities are now classed objects, implementing EntityInterface.
    * Drupal now understands the concept of a "default" revision, tracked
      independently from the latest revision, allowing for the creation of
      drafts while the current revision stays published.
    * All entity types, not just nodes, now have support for revisions.
- Replaced the core routing system with one built on the Symfony2 framework.
- Configuration:
    * Added a centralized file-based configuration system.
    * Allows module authors to provide configuration in a standard format.
    * Implements functionality to get, set, add and remove configuration.
    * Includes ability to override configuration values with language variants
      and other runtime values.
- Added the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor. Provides a drag-and-drop configuration UI.
- Included the HTML5 Shiv library to support HTML5 elements in IE 8 and below.
- Included the following Symfony2 components:
    * ClassLoader - PSR-0-compatible autoload routines.
    * DependencyInjection - Flexible dependency injection container.
    * EventDispatcher - Object-oriented lightweight event handling system.
    * HttpFoundation - Abstraction objects for HTTP requests and responses.
    * HttpKernel - Core system for managing incoming HTTP request and responses.
    * Process - Allows for executing commands in a sub-process.
    * Routing - Framework for mapping incoming requests to controller
    * Yaml - Parser for YAML files.
- Included the Assetic asset management framework for PHP.
- Included Backbone.js and Underscore.js JavaScript frameworks.
- Support added for making HTTP requests through a proxy server.
- Removed modules from core.
    * The following modules have been removed from core, because contributed
      modules with similar functionality are available:
      * Blog
      * Dashboard
      * OpenID
      * PHP Filter
      * Poll
      * Profile
      * Trigger
- Removed the Overlay module from core.
- Removed the Garland theme from core.
- Removed the Statistics module's accesslog functionality and reports from core.
- Removed backwards-compatibility with 'magic_quotes_gpc'/'magic_quotes_runtime'
  PHP configuration settings. Both are required to be disabled.
- Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID):
    * Support for generating and validating UUIDs.
- JavaScript changes:
    * Updated to jQuery 2.1.0
    * Updated to jQuery UI 1.10.2
    * Removed jquery.bbq
- Tremendously improved language support all around.
    * Great language improvements for users:
      * Improved language selection with user preference detection in the
      * Moved base language support to Language module.
      * Greatly simplified the interface for setting up languages.
      * Improved browser language detection considerably.
      * Language domain and path prefix configuraton simplified and centralized;
        path prefix detection is now default.
      * Added HTML 5 language markup; language information added in markup in
        several more places.
      * Made it possible to assign external language codes to local languages.
      * Introduced the possibility of an administration-specific language
        preference for users.
    * Simplified and added new features in interface translation:
      * Made interface translation directly accessible from language list.
      * Centralized interface translation import to one directory.
      * Drupal can now be translated to English and English can be deleted.
      * Much improved built-in translation interface.
      * Added support for singular/plural discovery and translation.
      * Customized translations are tracked so your modifications can
        be identified and protected from translation update overwrites.
      * All Gettext files are now imported in chunks, better for low resource
    * Improved content language support:
      * Made it possible to assign language to taxonomy terms, vocabularies,
        menu items, and files.
      * Added a field translation based content translation module that applies
        to all content entities.
      * Removed the old node-copy based content translation module.
      * Introduced language defaults configuration for each entity type and
      * Added entity language variance support to search module.
      * Search indexing and query preprocessors now get language information.
      * Unified content translation permission granularity with content editing
      * Made the language selector freely orderable in entity forms.
    * Better configuration language support
      * Added language selectors to most configuration options (views, menus,
      * Added a configuration translation user interface that works with any
        configuration with translatable values (blocks, views, fields, etc).
      * Added language options to block visibility.
    * Much improved language APIs for developers:
      * Added simple APIs and hooks to save/delete/update languages.
      * New Language class wraps language information, used universally.
      * Unified database schemas and APIs to make it easier to spot where
        language codes are referenced.
      * Made the language negotiation system APIs more consistent for
      * Made it possible for users to have a preferred language separate from
        their user entity language.
      * The text formatter from t() is now available as format_string().
      * Added support for interface translation contexts in Drupal.t(),
        Drupal.formatPlural() as well as routing, tabs, actions, and contextual
      * Removed textgroups support from interface translation in favor of
        native configuration language support.
      * Added configuration schema system to support generating translation
        forms for any configuration.
      * Reworked Gettext PO support to use pluggable read/write handlers.
      * Added language select form element in the Form API.
- Added E-mail field type to core.
- Added Link field type to core.
- Added Phone number field type to core.
- Added local image input filter, to enable secure image posting.
- Added Views and Views UI module to core.
- Added Entity Reference field type to core.
- Added Date field type to core.
- Added a Web Services module package.
    * Added a RESTful web services provider module.
    * Added a serialization module using the Symfony serialization component.
    * Added a Hypertext Application Language (HAL) serialization module.
    * Added a HTTP Basic authentication provider module.

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