Monday, April 21, 2014

80. How to install and configure drupal 8 ?

1.      Delete the contents of the "$drupal_home$" folder.
2.      DOWNLOAD "" (or newer) from Releases for Drupal Core, and unzip the contents to the "$drupal_home$" folder.
3.      Within a browser (suggest Firefox), enter the address:
The Drupal setup screen should appear.
4.      Choose the language, then "Save and continue".
5.      Choose "Standard" or "Minimal", then Save and continue".
6.      Enter "Database name" as "web1_data";
Enter the user name and password as $db_uid1$ and $db_upw1$ respectively ... and continue.
7.      "Site name" will be "localweb1"
Enter a valid (but throwaway) "Site e-mail address".
Enter Username: "admin"
Enter a valid (but throwaway) "E-mail address".
Enter a password for "admin"
and confirm it
... and enter the rest of the fields.
then "Save and continue".
8.      Upon page response, "Congratulations, you installed Drupal"
Click on: "Visit your new site."
9.      Upon page "Welcome to localweb1"
Click on: "Add new content"
... add your 1st page
... then view your 1st page.

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